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POSTSAVER® is a unique, revolutionary concept for preserving in-ground wood. POSTSAVER® is a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly barrier for both treated and untreated lumber for below-ground post applications.

POSTSAVER®’s advanced technology provides lumber posts with superior protection. The vulnerable area of the post is shrink-wrapped with a heavy-duty polyethylene boot coated on the inside with bitumen. The heat-shrinking process liquifies the bitumen and drives it into the wood. This provides a secondary moisture-resistant layer. The polyethylene outer layer provides the tough physical barrier.

POSTSAVER®’s durability is designed to withstand post-driven applications.

POSTSAVER® is impervious to wood-destroying organisms found in the soil. It also reduces the need for below-ground chemical retention values and restricts chemical toxins from leaching into the soil.

The POSTSAVER® boot must be installed with automated application machinery provided by POSTSAVER®. See Application Machinery and Business Opportunities.

POSTSAVER® boots are not sold separately, but are made available pre-installed through distributors and application facilities.

POSTSAVER® is expanding North American markets through qualified organizations with the capabilities to service regional and niche markets.

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POSTSAVER® and Pressure- Treated Posts

POSTSAVER® complements pressure-treated posts by providing an environmentally-friendly barrier around the treated wood. The preservatives stay available to protect the critical ground line area where decay usually occurs. POSTSAVER® retains all the benefits of the pressure-treating process and provides additional protection.

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