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Understanding Decay
To gain a better understanding of how the POSTSAVER® system works, it is important to understand the mechanisms of decay. Sections of a post decay at differing rates...
First Section - The area 2'' above the ground to the top of the post is exposed to sunlight and good air circulation. This is a condition suitable for long life. However, at this level, the type of wood used is subject to its own natural aging process. The POSTSAVER® boot does not reduce the natural aging that occurs in this section of a post.

Second Section - The area 2'' above the ground to 6'' through 16'' below ground level is the most vulnerable to decay. At ground-level, high moisture content in the post is combined with both oxygen and soil nutrients. It is in this area that the post is most susceptible to decay. POSTSAVER® eliminates this condition.

Third Section - The area 6'' through 16'' below the ground to the base of the post. This area is the least susceptible to deterioration even though moisture levels can be very high. Oxygen levels are restricted at this depth, naturally resisting deterioration of the post.

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