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Application Machinery

POSTSAVER is currently offering two different machines to apply the POSTSAVER boots. Both are fully automatic machines with integrated stackers and are easily operated by one employee.

PS-1000 accommodates the fence contractor supplying their own needs with the added potential to supply other contractors. The
PS-2000, with twice the production capacity, meets the demand of sawmills and wholesale distribution plants that require larger volume. Operation of both machines is similar, however, the PS-2000 cycles two posts at a time.

The first step of the application process requires the operator to slip a boot onto the post prior to insertion into the machine. At this juncture, automation eliminates operator interaction until a completed stack of posts is
ready to be removed from the out-feed end of the machine.

When processing through the machine, the post is spun while the quick- response heat lamps cycle on, this heat shrinks the polyethylene onto the post and melts the bituminous protectant. The machine then indexes the post into the pressing process where heavy-duty platens press the bitumen onto the surface of the post.
Finally, the post is sent to the stacker where it is automatically stacked and readied for shipment.

All application facilities are quality monitored by:

Timber Products Inspection, Inc.

246 N. Lincoln Avenue
Lebanon, PA 17046